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Parents in Rhythm

Hello Parents!   

Dr. Cherrye here!  

It is ever my role and mission to advocate, support and guide educators, parents and children toward achieving a healthy, secure peer schools, playgrounds, on the internet and wherever bullying occurs.   

For a limited time, I am offering a FREE pre-publication copy of my 32 Page guide 'The Bully Band Parents in Rhythm', an instructional guide to parents and caregivers, whose children may be experiencing or witnessing any type of bullying in their school environment. This guide may also be of interest to educators who appreciate parental concerns and support their mission of making the school/playground into a safe, secure 'bully-free' zone.

My step by step conversational guide is clearly, concisely and colorfully illustrated to assist parents in forging strong bonds and how to strategize solutions in concert with school officials for the common benefit of their children/students.