A note from Dr. Cherrye...

Dear friends!

Doesn't everyone appreciate a freebie now and then?  I know I do!  In addition to my many books, journals and guides, I write the occasional paper or flyer on the critical topics of bullying and diversity, offering helpful tips and guidance to kids, teens, parents, and educators alike who may be dealing or working with these hot-button issues.  It is my intention to offer periodic pieces to you free of charge, even some in advance of being published, in appreciation for your support and vote of confidence in my mission.

Be sure to drop in regularly to claim your free copy of my latest offerings.  It is my wish that you will join my mailing list by checking off the box provided in the form so that I may alert  you to updates, new promotions, contests and even new books as they are released.

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With fondest best wishes,

Dr. Cherrye